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Right. The deadline is tomorrow, so it's about time for me (and every other Interaction or LACon IV member who hasn't done so) to be nominating for the Hugo Awards. I think I've decided on most of my Best Novel ballot:
The Summer Isles, Ian R. Macleod
Counting Heads, David Marusek
Living Next-Door to the God of Love, Justina Robson
Accelerando, Charles Stross
Given its limited print run, The Summer Isles presumably has little chance of actually making the ballot, but it's the best 2005 novel I've read. I haven't quite finished Counting Heads, but unless Marusek fluffs up the ending spectacularly it deserves a nomination. Living Next-Door to the God of Love and Accelerando both have flaws, but as far as I'm concerned those are outweighed by their considerable strengths. I regret that I haven't managed to get to Robert Charles Wilson's Spin, but don't think it's going to need my help to get nominated. (If it does miss out by one vote, you can all lynch me later.) The last nomination will go to ... er ... well, could be Learning the World, could be Transcendent, could be Double Vision. It'll probably depend on how I feel this evening.

In novella the three shoo-ins are Kelly Link's 'Magic for Beginners', Ian McDonald's 'The Little Goddess', and Paolo Bacigalupi's 'The Calorie Man'. The other two will likely be Yume No Hon by Catherynne M. Valente and 'The Emperor' by Lucius Shepard. Novellettes: Darryl Gregory's 'Second Person, Present Tense', Geoff Ryman's 'The Last Ten Years in the Life of the Hero Kai', possibly Vandana Singh's 'The Tetrahedron', possibly Cory Doctorow's 'I, Robot', possibly Link's 'Some Zombie Contingency Plans', possibly Chris Beckett's 'Piccadilly Circus', plus something from Strange Horizons. Short stories: 'Anyway' by M. Rickert, 'Heads Down, Thumbs Up' by Gavin J. Grant, 'Singing My Sister Down' by Margo Lanagan, and a couple of things from Strange Horizons. Given that I'm a judge for the BSFA's non-fiction award, I probably shouldn't say anything about my thoughts on related book (except to say that The Complete Calvin & Hobbes counts, right?)

And then we start to get to the categories where I have much less fixed opinions. Dramatic Presentation, for instance. I know I didn't get to the cinema much last year, but--other than Serenity--which films really deserve a nomination? Similarly for short form: if I'm going to go for a single episode of Battlestar Galactica, which one should it be? And what else was there to nominate? (Note: don't even bother mentioning Doctor Who.) Was 2005 just a bad year?

I haven't made a full survey of the Campbell Award website yet, but I'm thinking some of KJ Bishop, Karen Fishler, David Moles, Frances Hardinge, Holly Phillips, Steph Swainston, and Sonya Taafe. Who am I missing?

Artists and editors (aside from the magazine editors) I'm always underinformed about: if you want to pimp your choices to me, now's the time. I have firmer ideas about fanzine and fan writer (Claire Brialey for the latter, plus don't forget that bloggers count), but I'd still be interested to hear everyone else's thoughts. So: bring 'em on.
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Previous discussion around these parts suggested that, although the umbrella motion to grant extended eligibility for works not published in the US in 2004 failed, Margo Lanagan's collection Black Juice was awarded extended eligibility in a separate motion. This turns out to be not quite right; Cheryl Morgan has kindly forwarded me the relevant section from the minutes of the business meeting.
Moved, To extend for one year the eligibility of "Singing My Sister Down" by Margo Lanagan, a short story published in the collection, Black Juice, Allen & Unwin, Australia 2004 based on limited availability, as authorised by Section 3.4. This short story was also published in the US in January 2005.
So, only that one story is eligible for next year's Hugos, not the whole collection. There's a pragmatic advantage to this, in that it eliminates any potential disagreements about which story from the collection to nominate, and 'Singing My Sister Down' would certainly make a worthy nominee; but it still seems a bit of a shame, and slightly odd.

Quick Note

Aug. 8th, 2005 10:08 am
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I did far too much yesterday to write it all up from my phone, so that will have to wait. I just want to say, about the Hugos: with one or two exceptions (*cough*shortstory*cough*) it's a strong set of results - and the first set this decade that actually feel like they belong to this decade, and aren't a hangover from the nineties. That's pretty cool. Congrats to all the winners.
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Phew. Last ones:
Best Professional Artist

An illustrator whose work has appeared in a professional publication in the field of science fiction or fantasy during the previous calendar year.

Best Fan Artist

An artist or cartoonist whose work has appeared through publication in semiprozines or fanzines or through other public display during the previous calendar year. Any person whose name appears on the final Hugo Awards ballot for a given year under the Professional Artist Category shall not be eligible in the Fan Artist category for that year.
Now, this is one I'm really going to have to do research for. I can point to book covers I like--

--but by and large, I don't know who the artists are. At the moment I've got Edward Miller/Les Edwards for The Year of Our War (and various others), and Dominic Harman for Recursion.

And on the fan artist front, I am completely clueless.

So: link me! Show me pretty pictures! Keep me amused on a friday afternoon! :)

[Other categories]
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A web site primarily related to the fields of science fiction, fantasy or fandom and will be given for material displayed on the World Wide Web during the calendar year 2004.
(yep, that pesky ballot again)

Sites I visit regularly:
  • Locus Online excels at news coverage, but has posted some interesting commentary over the last year as well.

  • SCIFICTION is, in my opinion, currently the strongest SF magazine out there. But should the whole of count as one site?

  • Strange Horizons publishes good reviews and articles as well as interesting fiction.

  • The Alien Online is good for news and reviews. Note: I have reviewed for TAO.

  • The Internet Review of SF has had a bumpy couple of months, but on the whole published good and interesting material throughout the year. Note: I have copy-edited articles for them.

  • The SF Site is good, although sometimes I wish they'd beef up their TV coverage a little.

  • Aside from Locus, The Agony Column, as previously mentioned, is the best place to keep up with what's being published.
...and those are the main ones. Where do y'all hang out when you're not surfing LJ?

Oh, and since some people keep complaining about my icon...

[Poll #447754]

[Other categories]
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Any person whose writing has appeared in semiprozines or fanzines or in generally available electronic media during the previous calendar year.

Ah, this is a fun one. Potentially massively incestuous, of course, but I'm not going to let that stop me. Where to start, though? Langford, of course; as good as he's ever been. Matt Cheney, for writing the essential blog of the year (although Farah Mendlesohn's Inter-Galactic Playground is a close second, and PK's journey Through The Dark Labyrinth is always worth reading). Rick Kleffel should be noted for the amazingly enthusiastic and informative Agony Column. Claire Brialey's pieces in Banana Wings and Matrix have often been memorable--and yes, we still need more sf featuring otters in zeppelins. On livejournal, I never skip Geneva's posts, or Dan's (you appeared in Meta, Dan: you're eligible), or Tony's, or anything that goes up at Coffee & Ink.

But you can see (as if you didn't already know!) that my taste runs in a fairly sercon direction. Who else should I be thinking about?

[Other categories]
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From the ballot, for the last time today:
A generally available non-professional publication devoted to science fiction, fantasy, or related subjects which by the close of the previous calendar year has published 4 or more issues, at least one of which appeared in the previous calendar year, and which does not qualify as a semiprozine.
Right. I freely admit that this is a category about which I know very little.

I have read and enjoyed Zoo Nation (edited by [ profile] flyingsauce) and Banana Wings (brought to you by the [ profile] fishlifters), so they'll probably both make my ballot. [ profile] swisstone's Halo of Flies is another possible contender, and I don't want to be accused of taking Ansible for granted.

But I'm sure there must be more out there that I'm not remembering. Help me out?

[Other categories]
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The deadline for nominations for this year's Hugo Awards is March 11th, otherwise known as a week on Friday. If you're going to this year's Worldcon, or if you went to last year's Worldcon, then you're eligible to nominate, and I feel strongly that you should do so. I was shocked to find that last year only about 1 in 10 Worldcon attendees made any nominations for Best Novel, and that even less made nominations for all the other categories. For the Awards to mean anything, they need as many people's nominations as possible. It doesn't matter if there are books or stories you haven't read, or films you haven't seen: if you've seen something you think is worthy of recognition then you should nominate it. In most categories, it takes a lot fewer nominations than you might think to make the final ballot (more's the pity).

So. Over the next few days I'm going to make a series of posts, possibly as many as one per category, in an effort to (a) get people thinking about what they're going to nominate and (b) see if there's anything I should last-minute look at. OK, so it's unlikely I'll be able to acquire and read any novels, but I might be able to see films I've missed, or read some extra short stories. I'm hoping that we'll actually get some fairly substantial discussions out of this.

I plan to split the posts up between here, [ profile] instant_fanzine and [ profile] shortform, roughly as follows:
[ profile] instant_fanzine

Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form
Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form
Best Related Book
John W Campbell Award for Best New Writer
Best Novel

[ profile] shortform

Best Novella
Best Novellette
Best Short Story
Best Editor

[ profile] coalescent

Best Fanzine
Best Fan Writer
Best Fan Artist and Best Professional Artist
Best Website
As I make each post, I'll link it back to this list; first posts to follow imminently.

The online ballot is here, and Cheryl Morgan's Hugo Award Voters Guide is here (and the recommendations list she keeps at Emerald City is here). And if you want to link to this entry to point out the discussion, feel free ...

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