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  • As a pre-con holiday, I went on a reading week with thirteen other people. A reading week involves taking a lot of books to a self-catering cottage in a beautiful location and then letting nature take its course.
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I am vastly behind on email, so if you've sent me something that requires a response in the last ten days, please bear with me. Normal service will be resumed, etc.


Feb. 9th, 2004 05:41 pm
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This weekend I was at Picocon 21, the annual one-day SF convention run by Imperial College SF Group. I went with about a quarter of my friends list, and must have talked to or seen a further quarter whilst I was there.

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Note to LJ: It would be really really useful if, rather than giving you annoying 'you are not authorised to view this entry' messages, the 'next entry' button automatically skipped you to the next entry you are authorised for. That way, I could catch up on friends' journals much faster. As it is, I have to either go a ludicrously long way back on my friends page, or navigate back and forth from the calendar page. I suppose I could set up a custom filter for each individual person, but that seems like an awful lot of work.
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This weekend, I went to the third SciFi London film festival with [ profile] greengolux, [ profile] twic, [ profile] snowking and [ profile] despotliz. Special guest appearances this year were by Geneva's friend Jon. And as it was last year, so it was this year: Great fun.

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Elsewhere, this year's Arthur C Clarke and BSFA award shortlists have been announced and are discussed in [ profile] instant_fanzine, here; those of you working in bookshops should arrange displays immediately! Interview meme answers will hopefully appear tomorrow. And if you have a desperate urge to know what I've been reading and watching this month, you can look here.
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For the past four years, Picocon and Caption have been the only cons I've attended. I've wanted to go to others, but just not been organised; and it's not easy to get a group of students to all afford a minimum of UKP150 for a weekend con at the same time.

This year, I'm going to be organised. I want to go to Eastercon, and probably some of the Oxford Literary Festival (let's face it, 'festival' is just the establishment word for 'con'), and possibly End of Days as well (although that one really is expensive). And then there's Interaction, the 2005 Worldcon, for which it would probably be a good idea to book sooner rather than later.

Anyone care to jump in on any of those?

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