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Today's Woman's Hour is all about women and sf:
In a special edition of Woman's Hour, Jenni looks at the role of women, both real and fictional, in space.

- The appeal of sci-fi for women
- Women’s relationship with aliens
- The representation of birth and reproduction in sci-fi
- Europe’s last women in space
- Women in the future
The Listen Again link should start working in about 45 minutes, and be available for the following week. I'm impressed that the 'list of recommendations' includes Life by Gwyneth Jones, although they haven't got to that part in the actual show yet, and in fact have spent most of their time so far talking about tv shows and how great conventions are.


Aug. 5th, 2005 09:07 am
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I can't quite tune in to Radio 4 here. The best I can do gives me what sounds like George Galloway remixed by a popular beat combo, and interspersed with bursts of white noise.

Also, Zac has earned my undying devotion by bringing a box of See's Candies to the con. A big box. Mmm.


May. 24th, 2003 10:21 am
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I was going to let it lie, but this (courtesy of a far too early-morning text message from Naomi) is too good to ignore. You want 8:48am:
Presenter: [Margaret Atwood] describes her new book Oryx And Crake as 'speculative fiction' because she says it could happen. Well, is she right? Bryan Appleyard, the author and Sunday Times journalist is writing a book about aliens; we're also joined by D J Taylor, the author and Orwell biographer. Good morning to you both.

Both: Good morning.

Presenter: Bryan Appleyard, do you think it's a fair distinction - this 'speculative fiction'/'science fiction'?

Bryan Appleyard: No, I think it's petty literary snobbery. [...] The whole reason it's called science fiction is because it's credible, it's possible, and Margaret Atwood seems to me to be evidently writing science fiction. And no reason why not - there's some very great science fiction writers.

Hurrah for Bryan Appleyard! And boo to DJ Taylor (sample quote: "JG Ballard is not a writer of science fiction; he's someone who merely projects certain elements of his moral and political universe in futurist terms...")
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Maybe I should just rename my journal 'AtwoodWatch' and be done with it. Thanks to [ profile] flyingsauce for this one; she was on this morning's Today program, insisting as usual that Oryx and Crake is speculative fiction, not science fiction. You can listen here. It's the first item in the 8:30-9:00am segment; I'm afraid I can't work out a more useful URL, and they don't seem to have provided it as a separate clip yet.

The interview also involved Steve Jones; one of the first things he says is "Well, actually, I would have described it as science fiction." I've always liked him. :-)

Also, on the day's other hot topic: What he said. Aside from the parts about his girlfriend.

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