Jun. 16th, 2008 07:13 pm
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It has been brought to my attention that some of my friends are wrongheads on the matter of M. Night Shyamalan's films. Hence:

[Poll #1205761]

EDIT: Martin has the summary poll.
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Once more we set out to determine ultimate truth. Previous installments here. The gist: a list of things. Two options for each. No middle way. No snowflakes. No retreat. No surrender. EDIT: And no wussing out and only answering half the questions!

[Poll #679221]

You may attempt to justify obviously wrong opinions in the comments.

(There may even be actual book-related content over the weekend.)
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OK, gang, here's the deal: I'm on holiday next week. I am looking forward to nine consecutive days filled with sleeping, reading, and writing (and maybe just a little bit of socialising). But there's a problem, which is that even my I-must-read-this-soon buffer is overflowing, never mind my actual to-be-read pile (or the to-be-read sprawl, as I more accurately like to think of it). I know that I'll be reading the new Stephen Baxter, Transcendent, because who can resist an opening line like "The girl from the future told me that the sky is full of dying worlds"? Not me. But I don't know what else to read. Consequently, a poll:

[Poll #605320]

I may read the three that receive the most votes, or I may ignore you all. But that shouldn't stop you exercising your democratic right.

(If it makes any difference to anyone, I've already been dipping into all the collections on that list--the Hill, Mieville, Phillips and Tiptree--it's just a question of which ones I try to actually finish. And I was planning to keep Camp Concentration to the end of the month--it's the [ profile] instant_fanzine book choice for November, so I want to read it just before the discussion, and I know I've got a flight on which I'll have time to read it. And if anyone wants to justify their votes with a comment, that'd be cool too.)

UPDATE: Those write-in votes in full:

[ profile] immortalradical suggests PASSAGE TO INDIA, YOU NUMPTY. It's true, I do have Passage to India around here somewhere, but it's second in the Literature pile. The Periodic Table comes first (third is Dubliners).

[ profile] ajr votes for Damon Knight's In Search of Wonder, which I acquired from the [ profile] fishlifters earlier this year. That, along with Clute's Look at the Evidence and Parietal Games, is one of the books that sits in the bathroom for me to read in those idle moments. So I'm getting through it, but slowly. Books of reviews are not one of those things I can just sit down and read straight through.

[ profile] grahamsleight nominates Rogue Moon by Algis Budrys. Two pre-1995 books is enough for one week, Graham.

[ profile] tefkas' entry is Judas Unchained by Peter F. Hamilton. Flaw in this plan: it's part 2 of 2, and I haven't read its predecessor, Pandora's Star (although I do have a copy).
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Hey, everyone else is doing it. This is when you'll be able to find me at Interaction.

my schedule )

And because I'm losing track, and need a list of the people I should try to at least say hello to:

[Poll #523842]
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In honour of the final episode of this series of Doctor Who, a Very Special Edition of GOOD or BAD: all thirteen episodes ready and waiting for you to pass arbitrary judgement upon them. Vote now!

[Poll #516009]

And if you wanted to use the comments to argue for what you think are the best and worst episodes, that'd be cool too.

EDIT: Interesting discussion about the finale on [ profile] ajp's journal here.
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Yes, it's a quiet Friday again, and a young man's mind turns to thoughts of GOOD or BAD. For those who haven't played before: below the cut is a poll, listing various things. Some of them matter, some of them really don't. All you have to do is decide whether each one is GOOD or BAD. There's no half-way house. This is what happened last time.

Ready to be mindlessly reductive? Go!

[Poll #493069]

EDIT: So far we have determined that Trig has no soul and that Mattia likes some weird things. Also, has anyone actually seen the black and white smarties in the wild? I know they're meant to exist, but I haven't been able to find them.
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For those who weren't here last time, the concept is very simple. Profoundly silly, but very simple. Below lies a list of things; all you have to do is decide whether each one is GOOD or BAD. There are no shades of grey. No need for informed opinions. What are you waiting for?

[Poll #456910]

Note: I reserve the right to disparage your choices.

the results )
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This is something I used to do every so often on umta. It comes from The Brunching Shuttlecocks, and it's the ultimate way of determining merit.
What we've got for you is a list of things that you may come across in your own life from time to time. We don't care what you think about these things, we want you to answer one simple question: are they good, or bad?

Keep in mind, these aren't shades of grey. When and if we shut down the voting, anything that ends up above the line is good, anything below is bad, forever and ever, deal.

Simple, right? Just decide whether the following things are GOOD or BAD. There's nothing in-between. No 'it depends'. You have to answer all questions--there's none of this 'informed opinion' nonsense here! In the final analysis, when all is said and done, all that matters is ... how do you vote?

[Poll #369685]

EDIT: So far, I want to know (a) how [ profile] ang_grr justifies her answer on the hamster question, and (b) how [ profile] cleanskies justifies her answer on the liquorice-with-salt question. Explanations invoking temporary insanity will be accepted.

SON OF EDIT: Those who have decided that praline Flake bars are bad are also suspect. Even without having tried one, it's clear they must be one of the nicest forms of confectionary in existence.

the results )
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In theory, I'm going back to work next monday. Unfortunately, I haven't done enough reading during my time off. I reckon, though, that I can get through two books between now and then. The following six are the top of my to-read pile, and I'd like you to pick two. I reproduce the book blurbs below as a guide to any titles you may not recognise...

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