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I am leaving.

Well, not really. But from now on I will mostly be co-blogging with [ profile] greengolux at the shiny new Vector editorial blog. Reviews, links and such will appear there; this journal is basically going to be a friends-only personal journal. So, if you want to keep up with the actual content, you might want to friend the lj feed, [ profile] torque_control, or add this to your bloglines subscriptions if you don't have an lj.

The other thing that will appear on the blog, obviously, is information about upcoming issues of Vector, and updates to the equally shiny new Vector website (designed and built for us by [ profile] claire_weaver, who deserves many thanks, and possibly an award for putting up with our many niggling comments).

For instance, at the moment we have columns by Graham Sleight, reviews by Paul Kincaid and Paul Billinger, an article about manifestos and movements by Martin Lewis, and Matt Cheney's thoughts on 2005's short fiction. More soon. Enjoy!
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Tomorrow, I will be at the BSFA/SFF AGM event at Conway Hall:
1000 Doors open
1025-1030 Welcome (by BSFA)
1030-1120 Panel - "Story, Review or Criticism - Select Which to Download" - Roz Kaveney, Gary Hall and Tony Keen, with Simon Bradshaw as moderator
1130-1220 Guest - Juliet McKenna
1230-1300 SFF AGM
1300-1400 Break
1400-1430 BSFA AGM
1440-1530 Guest - Stephen Baxter
1540-1630 Guest - Bruce Sterling
1630-1640 Wrap-up (by SFF)
As you can see, the actual AGMs are confined to a short period either side of lunch, and the rest of the time is given over to panels and guests (Bruce Sterling!) and such. All welcome, so why not come along?
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I don't know, you wait a month for a BSFA meeting, and then two come along at once. This evening's meeting (again, open to all, just organised by the BSFA) is back in the Star Tavern in Belgravia. The guest is Ian R. Macleod, author of The Light Ages and The House of Storms, the wonderful novella 'New Light on the Drake Equation', much else, and twice-winner of the World Fantasy Award. The interviewer is, er, me. The fun starts at 7, although plenty of people will be around before that. Come along!

N.B. Yes, it's a Tuesday not a Wednesday, for this month only, because the Clarke Award is tomorrow.
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A somewhat flying post to say: James Morrow is in London and being interviewed this evening by Graham Sleight at the Hogshead on Dering Street (map here, nearest tube Bond St). This is an event organised by the BSFA, but free to all; there will be people at the venue from 6pm, and the interview starts at 7pm.

If you need further enticement, by a remarkable coincidence, today Strange Horizons has a review of Morrow's latest novel, The Last Witchfinder.

EDIT: almost certainly too late to be of use, but the Hogshead changed its name about a fortnight ago; it is now Bonds. There is a sign in the door.
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Stop! Important news!

First: James Morrow (review of The Last Witchfinder) is going to be in the UK at the end of April, and will be interviewed at a special BSFA meeting on Wednesday 19th. This will not be at the Star Tavern, but instead in the Hogshead on Dering Street: turn up from six, interview starts at seven. There's a map here; nearest tube is either Bond Street or Oxford Circus.

Note this is an additional meeting. It does not replace the normal monthly meeting, which is Ian R. Macleod interviewed by me, in the Star, the following Tuesday. As always, members and non-members are equally welcome to either or both event. Tell your friends! Bring your friends!

Second: all the nominees for the BSFA Short Fiction Award are now online. BSFA members need to cast their ballots by April 11th; Concussion members have until 6pm on April 15th; the rest of you just might want to check out what BSFA members think are the best stories of the year. They are:
You may now go about your business.

(Remember the days when there was actual content here, rather than just links to other stuff? Yeah, me too.)
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That was fun. Some highlights:

- Dan (above centre) heckling the audience as much as the audience heckled him.

- The cheerfulness with which Liz (above right) called Dan a wronghead.

- Andrew: "Complaining Accelerando is about people who are still a bit like us is like complaining that post-nuclear-holocaust stories aren't about piles of dust."

- Martin (above left)'s opinion of the shortlist: there's always a lower place.

- Dan and Abigail discussing Jane Austen (Graham: "Ginger, get the popcorn.")

- General agreement on the brilliance of Air.

- The many many books I came home with, including the beautiful Polder.

Can we do it again sometime?
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Tonight is the monthly BSFA London Meeting. This one is going to be extra fun:
Discussion of the BSFA Best Novel Award Nominees
9tail Fox by Jon Courtenay Grimwood
Learning the World by Ken Macleod
Living Next-Door to the God of Love by Justina Robson
Air by Geoff Ryman
Accelerando by Charles Stross

led by Dan Hartland
with Liz Batty and Martin Lewis
All the coolest people are going to be there (I got bored, so I'm not linking everyone), so you know you want to come along and argue with Dan too, right? Star Tavern in Knightsbridge; starts at seven, but people will be there from about 5.30. Here's a map.

P.S. In other news, Hugo nominations discussion here.

P.P.S. Doooooom!
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Waiting for me when I got home this evening:

Vector 245 cover

Vector 245: Movements and Manifestos
Frequently Asked Questions about Mundane SF by Trent Walters
A Refusal To Sign the Mundane Manifesto by Ian McDonald
No More New World Orders by Martin Lewis
Not Really New, Not Really Weird by Norman Spinrad
Infernokrusher: A Brief and Terrible History by Meghan McCarron
Archipelago: Appreciations from the ED SF Project, by Claire Light, Abigail Nussbaum, Paul Kincaid and Elizabeth Bear
First Impressions: Book Reviews edited by Paul Billinger
and The New X: a column by Graham Sleight

Yes, it's the first issue of Vector to be co-edited by [ profile] greengolux and myself, complete with first-issue typos. Given that we've been editors-in-waiting for about a year, this is quite exciting, and we're proud of the lineup--many thanks to everyone who contributed. Although obviously, future issues are going to be even better.

A proper website, with some online content and everything, will be along Real Soon Now. In the meantime, Vector is available to BSFA members (along with some other magazines), so you know it only makes sense to join. Contributers can expect to be hassled for their real-world addresses so that we can send them copies.

In summary: huzzah!
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The shortlists are out. Discussion here.
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As of today you have one (1) week to send in your nominations for this year's BSFA Awards.

The nominees so far:

best novel )

best short fiction )

best artwork )

best non-fiction )

To reiterate: nominations close on 21st January. Emails containing nominations should be sent to awards[at] Easy, right?
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The redesigned and much-improved BSFA website is now live. Among other things, you can now join online by paypal. (and so, among other things, make sure you'll receive Matrix and Vector).

Announcements will be made on the BSFA news community, which is copied to the website but which you may want to add to your friendslist anyway. If you're not on lj, the RSS feed for this community is here.

All credit for this redesign goes to [ profile] tamaranth.
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In case anyone going to Eastercon this weekend didn't know, most of the stories nominated for the short fiction award are available online. So, no excuse for not casting an informed vote, then.
'Point of No Return' by Jon Courtenay Grimwood
'Delhi' by Vandana Singh
'The Wolfman of Alcatraz' by Howard Waldrop
'The Faery Handbag' by Kelly Link is available in The Faery Reel; and the fifth story, Stephen Baxter's 'Mayflower II', is not online, but I've written about it here (and if you ask nicely I can lend you my copy. Actually, for some of you if you don't ask nicely I might forcibly lend you my copy).
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Two scottish gentlemen (waistcoats and cigarettes and all), sitting in a smokey, slightly dingy cellar bar, discussing esoteric points of philosophical, political and historical theory: it sounds almost like a scene from a Ken Macleod novel, and it almost could have been, except for the fact that the event in question was an interview of Macleod himself (introduced as 'the greatest living libertarian trotskyist science fiction author', or similar), conducted by Telegraph journalist Andrew McKie, with an attentive audience all around.

Read more... )

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