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At the weekend, concern was expressed that I hadn't run a GOOD or BAD poll for a while. There was a fear that people might have gotten out of the habit of making arbitrary judgements. Hence: a new year treat for you all! Don't think, just click.

[Poll #1325707]
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To be clear: I have not watched "Journey's End" yet, because [ profile] bibliolicious is out at a gig this evening. But I wouldn't wish to deprive anyone of poll-clicking fun, and anyway I'm planning to pretty much avoid the internet for the next 24 hours, so:

[Poll #1218259]

Feel free to link to your Who posts in the comments. Actually, that would be really helpful, because by the time I get around to watching the episode any relevant posts will probably be buried at about skip=300, and thus difficult to find.
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Once more unto the breach:

[Poll #1040140]

As ever, feel free to express your incredulity at others' choices in the form of a comment. For example: [ profile] buymeaclue, why do you think it is GOOD that I have spilt tomato sauce on my copy of F100? [ profile] despotliz, what have you got against mustard? Why do you all hate James Bond? And does anyone other than me even watch John From Cincinnati?
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Based on the results of this, this and this:

1 2x04 The Girl in the Fireplace 95.2
2 1x09 The Empty Child 93.9
3 3x10 Blink 92.2
4 1x10 The Doctor Dances 90.0
5 3x08 Human Nature 88.5
6 2x12 Army of Ghosts 87.2
7 3x01 Smith and Jones 84.1
8 2x13 Doomsday 82.5
9 3x09 The Family of Blood 82.5
10 1x06 Dalek 82.0
11 1x03 The Unquiet Dead 80.8
12 2x03 School Reunion 76.2
13 1x02 The End of the World 75.0
14 3x11 Utopia 73.4
15 1x01 Rose 72.5
16 2x09 The Satan Pit 70.7
17 2x02 Tooth and Claw 69.0
18 1x12 Bad Wolf 68.6
19 2x08 The Impossible Planet 68.3
20 C1 The Christmas Invasion 67.4
21 C2 The Runaway Bride 66.0
22 1x13 The Parting of the Ways 65.4
23 3x12 The Sound of Drums 61.9
24 3x02 The Shakespeare Code 58.1
25 1x08 Father's Day 56.2
26 1x11 Boom Town 56.0
27 1x07 The Long Game 52.3
28 3x06 The Lazarus Experiment 50.8

<--------------- THE LINE OF TRUTH --------------->

29 2x10 Love and Monsters 48.7
30 3x03 Gridlock 47.6
31 2x07 The Idiot's Lantern 47.5
32 2x05 Rise of the Cybermen 41.5
33 3x07 42 37.7
34 1x05 World War III 35.3
35 2x11 Fear Her 34.2
36 2x06 The Age of Steel 32.5
37 3x13 Last of the Time Lords 28.1
38 2x01 New Earth 26.2
39 3x04 Daleks in Manhattan 26.2
40 1x04 Aliens of London 19.2
41 3x05 Evolution of the Daleks 6.2


1. Steven Moffatt's four episodes take the top four slots comfortably; all his episodes have at least 90% GOOD; no other episodes do. For all the complaints about him, RTD has the next-highest number of episodes in the top 10.

2. Season three has the most episodes in the top 10, but has the lowest average score -- 56.7% GOOD, vs. 65.2% for season one and 60.0% for season two -- possibly because it also has the most episodes in the bottom 10.

3. These means exclude the Christmas specials, which both sit mid-table.

4. I'm a little surprised at how well the season two finale has charted; both parts made the top 10, much higher than either of the other finales charted.

5. Less than a third of episodes are officially BAD, which I guess means the show's doing something right.
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You may notice a small change to the poll format this time. I know it goes against the spirit of GOOD or BAD, but I think that Torchwood deserves it.

[Poll #899571]

If you can't remember what some of the episodes were about, I'm certainly not going to be so cruel as to remind you. Except for this.

[ profile] fba thinks "Everything Changes", "Ghost Machine", "Small Worlds", "Countrycide", "Greeks Bearing Gifts", "Out of Time" and "Captain Jack Harkness" are GOOD.
[ profile] pikelet thinks "Cyberwoman" is GOOD (although I'm almost certain he's being ironic, the scamp)
[ profile] veggiesu thinks "Random Shoes" and "Captain Jack Harkness" are GOOD, even though she hasn't seen them.
I think "Out of Time" is GOOD
[ profile] swisstone thinks "Small Worlds", "Out of Time" and "Captain Jack Harkness" are GOOD.
[ profile] ajr thinks "Out of Time" is GOOD. He also does not think that "End of Days" is DREADFUL. However, [ profile] blackbeltbarbie thinks "End of Days" is GOOD.
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Once more we set out to determine ultimate truth. Previous installments here. The gist: a list of things. Two options for each. No middle way. No snowflakes. No retreat. No surrender. EDIT: And no wussing out and only answering half the questions!

[Poll #679221]

You may attempt to justify obviously wrong opinions in the comments.

(There may even be actual book-related content over the weekend.)
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In honour of the final episode of this series of Doctor Who, a Very Special Edition of GOOD or BAD: all thirteen episodes ready and waiting for you to pass arbitrary judgement upon them. Vote now!

[Poll #516009]

And if you wanted to use the comments to argue for what you think are the best and worst episodes, that'd be cool too.

EDIT: Interesting discussion about the finale on [ profile] ajp's journal here.
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Yes, it's a quiet Friday again, and a young man's mind turns to thoughts of GOOD or BAD. For those who haven't played before: below the cut is a poll, listing various things. Some of them matter, some of them really don't. All you have to do is decide whether each one is GOOD or BAD. There's no half-way house. This is what happened last time.

Ready to be mindlessly reductive? Go!

[Poll #493069]

EDIT: So far we have determined that Trig has no soul and that Mattia likes some weird things. Also, has anyone actually seen the black and white smarties in the wild? I know they're meant to exist, but I haven't been able to find them.
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For those who weren't here last time, the concept is very simple. Profoundly silly, but very simple. Below lies a list of things; all you have to do is decide whether each one is GOOD or BAD. There are no shades of grey. No need for informed opinions. What are you waiting for?

[Poll #456910]

Note: I reserve the right to disparage your choices.

the results )
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This is something I used to do every so often on umta. It comes from The Brunching Shuttlecocks, and it's the ultimate way of determining merit.
What we've got for you is a list of things that you may come across in your own life from time to time. We don't care what you think about these things, we want you to answer one simple question: are they good, or bad?

Keep in mind, these aren't shades of grey. When and if we shut down the voting, anything that ends up above the line is good, anything below is bad, forever and ever, deal.

Simple, right? Just decide whether the following things are GOOD or BAD. There's nothing in-between. No 'it depends'. You have to answer all questions--there's none of this 'informed opinion' nonsense here! In the final analysis, when all is said and done, all that matters is ... how do you vote?

[Poll #369685]

EDIT: So far, I want to know (a) how [ profile] ang_grr justifies her answer on the hamster question, and (b) how [ profile] cleanskies justifies her answer on the liquorice-with-salt question. Explanations invoking temporary insanity will be accepted.

SON OF EDIT: Those who have decided that praline Flake bars are bad are also suspect. Even without having tried one, it's clear they must be one of the nicest forms of confectionary in existence.

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