Final Fantasy Record Keeper

Apr. 24th, 2019 10:51 am
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I'm slowly, slowly improving all my FFRK characters, which is a part of gaming I find satisfying. I don't play games very long at a time any more, and this one certainly lends itself to a 10 to 20 minute break. And I like the need for planning and strategy to beat harder bosses.

Game power creep (which Siri initially mistranscribed as "parakeet creep" ") is allowing me to tackle 4 * magicite dungeons which had defeated me until now.


Apr. 24th, 2019 08:51 pm
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I've seen Endgame, I'm not going to post spoilers at all at least until weekend and even then only under a cut and very thoroughly warned.

However, I just got to say, I know exactly the fic I need to write:D (Although I'll finish my Cap RBB fic first, and let this one ripen for a while to work out the logistics.)
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The technology could eventually help those who have lost their voice to speak again.
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I'm in a very cranky mood today. I shouldn't be - my train was cancelled at Jamaica and they told us to wait for the 8:25, but then had an interim train stop at my stop and a lady gave me her seat since she was getting off at Forest Hills, so I didn't even have to stand on the very crowded train and I made it to work at my usual time.

I also got a surprise extra payment from work today because they are changing the PTO policy and paying out all banked PTO in excess of a certain number of hours and I exceed that number by a bit, so I got a nice check, but the net is only half of what the gross is, thanks to taxes and other payroll deductions. Sigh. And they say I will still accrue my usual amount of PTO, but I wonder what the new policy is going to be - I have a feeling they are going to limit carryover time, or perhaps require that it be used by the end of the first quarter of the next year. I guess we'll see. There's other work bs happening too, but ugh. I do not want to attend a half day meeting to input updates in real time. That is not one of my skill sets and the whole thing is going to be terrible. I wonder if they'll buy me lunch though.

speaking of, I got a nice gift card for Administrative Professionals Day today that I was supposed to pretend I didn't know about even though boss3 checked with me to see if people had liked it last year (spoiler: they had). It's also my dad's birthday, and my gmail inbox is full of advertisements for mother's day so I just want to be all LEAVE ME ALONE - MY PARENTS ARE DEAD about things. I know, I know. But it's how I feel.

Anyway, I guess it's reading Wednesday, but since I was off Thurs-Mon, I didn't really do much book-reading; I spent my days off reading fic instead, so I have nothing new to report. Still reading Amnesty, still spoilers )

Meanwhile, my filters grow tighter and my blacklist longer as I try to stay unspoiled until Saturday when I finally see Endgame. I do not want to know!

Also, I am still annoyed that there is no ability to wrap tabs in Firefox. I really hate that they just scroll off screen. It is not optimal when I open a dozen stories to read later and then can't find the tab looking for at any given moment.

Have a poem:

The Price Is Going Up
by Ashe Vernon

My heart likes to start fights with
the inside of my ribs where everyone loses.
For weeks, my lungs have been
purple punching bags. My stomach
is being polished into a wood panel floor.
I'm selling tickets to my own heartbreak.
Blood and broken noses are what put
bodies in the seats.
These are real bar brawls, ladies and gentlemen.
Nothing is staged, here. Sure,
there have been a few–
The kind of hits you don't get back up from.
But that's the price of business, isn't it?
And don't you want a show?"

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Would y'all mind putting your emotional reactions to Avengers:Endgame under your spoiler cuts as well? Because I've been reading most of y'all long enough to know what things get you riled up, and as such end up with fairly good guesses as to the plot points/events that incited those feelings.

I'm trying to scroll past anything to do with the Avengers without reading anything, but my brain processes words as soon as they hit my eye and it's not especially successful--as soon as I realize it's the Avengers, I've already skimmed the first line or two.

I'd like to be able to read my f-list for the next few days (we have Saturday tickets). :)


(it's not one person doing it--it's multiple: I'm not calling out any specific person.)
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I haven't forgotten this series! It just took me a few days to write this up. I hope you enjoy it.

Gretchen McCulloch, internet linguist, has been talking a lot about the IPA on Twitter lately (I've been tagged in quote-tweets of both how to type the IPA on an Android phone and the thread of IPA (symbols) as IPAs (beers), and I think what she says about learning the IPA is well-timed for where we're up to:
Useful caveat about learning the IPA: there are a LOT of symbols, because it's designed to represent all sounds used in human language. Intro linguistics/phonetics courses often prioritize more frequently used IPA symbols, but I find self-taught people are more likely to get discouraged that they have a hard time remembering like, all the mid-central unrounded vowels except schwa They're v infrequent, it's okay. You still "know the IPA" for functional purposes if you have a good grasp on the symbols for the sounds you encounter regularly and know how to use the resources of the IPA to figure out less familiar sounds/symbols.
And it's this familiarity I'm trying to offer. )

A long, long time ago

Apr. 24th, 2019 11:46 am
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It was 1968, and I was in the 8th grade. When I was a teen heartthrob. )

Book meme- Day 22

Apr. 24th, 2019 05:46 pm
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22. Out of print.

Mt parent’s childhood books had their own shelf in their bookshelves, and there I found many books I enjoyed, which has not been printed in Sweden since they were kids.

The Snow Ponies by Ursula Bruns. Dick and Dalli are sisters in their early teens. They live on a horse farm with their grandmother and aunt, passionately invested in the care of their Icelandic horses and Shetland ponies. They are also passionate about Vikings, and when they learn their cousin Ethelbert will be coming to stay with them for a while, they think he must be a real Viking- with that name! Unfortunately, Ethelbert is no only sickly, but very spoiled and self-obsessed. Most of the book is about Dick and Dalli’s antics, but also a character arc for Ethelbert, where he learns to be a better person. An adorable Shetland foal named Saroti plays a large part in that. It’s a very funny book, and I reread it several times. It was my father’s copy, and it was rendered very personal as his dog had taken large chunks out of it too…

Inkaindianernas fångar (Prisoners of the Incas) by Gustaf Bolinder, another one of my father’s books. Set in the late 19th century a dashing Swedish doctor travels on boat of South America. Among the passengers is a lovely Spanish lady he falls in love with, which is mutual, but their plans are disrupted when they and a number of other passengers are abducted by Incas, who has lived in secret in the mountains. Apart from the abduction bit, the Incas are pretty nice, and when the doctor heals the sick king they get very friendly. Apart from that bit of being prisoners. And when the king decides to marry the pretty Spanish lady against her will, they have to fell. Lots of perils abound. I’m not sure how well this book stands up to time- probably not at all. I don’t want to reread it to find out.

My mother had a large collection of Christina Söderling-Brydolfs books for girls. She had similar books by other authors, but Söderling-Brydolf stood out because she had a really good sense of humour. Her heroines are plucky teenagers who get into (slight) troubles, often family oriented. She also had a knack for titles which made you want to check them out, like Brothers Are the Worst, Kerstin Chooses A Mother, Almost Triplets and My Sister’s Diary- and they usually had good covers to go with them.

But the price in the collection, the book I return to again and again- at least once a year, was Gwendoline Courtney’s Elizabeth and the Garrett Theatre (Also published as Stepmother and Those Verney Girls). It’s about four motherless sisters, aged between 10 and 17 who suddenly have to cope with their father’s new wife. They are determined to hate her, “stepmothers are always awful”, but Nan turns out to be a very nice person. The sisters are also mad about theatre, and large parts of the book are about their endeavours into amateur theatrics. It’s a charming book, full of good humour and lots of sumptuous meals. I always reach for it when I feel low, and it never fails to cheer me up.


Apr. 24th, 2019 11:40 am
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1. Connecting with a cousin who is dying. We had a beautiful chat on FB messenger. I'm grieving her departure from this life (timeline unknown, as usual), and am also feeling grateful for the connection.

2. I walked 10,000 steps at my standing desk today. Five miles, y'all. Haven't done that in... probably years? It's already worth every penny I spent on the wall-mounted monitor omg.

3. I refilled the bird feeder -- I've seen glorious yellow goldfinches there today, and also female cardinals with their wash of red. I put a little sock full of goldfinch seed in the burning bush, also, and we'll see if it attracts more.

4. Now I have a warm purring cat on my lap, gnawing happily on my belt loops as is his wont. Oh wait, he went to go sit by a window and watch birdfeeder tv instead. But he was on my lap for a minute, and it was cozy.

5. Today when I go to lunch with [personal profile] woobat I will carry a chartreuse-green purse that was my mom's. It matches the baby leaves on the trees.

Food! Glorious Food!

Apr. 24th, 2019 10:28 am
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This Genetic Mutation Makes People Feel Full — All the Time
Two new studies confirm that weight control is often the result of genetics, not willpower.
By Gina Kolata

Forget the Easter Bunny. Let’s Celebrate the Easter Bug.
By Wendy MacNaughton

Don’t Call It Tex-Mex
A writer and chef is on a quest to tell the world about Texas Mexican food, the cooking of South Texas and northern Mexico that predates and spans the border.
By Rachel Wharton

How to Get Eggplant Right
When an eggplant dish is bad, it’s enough to put you off eggplant forever. But when it’s good, it’s heaven. Yotam Ottolenghi’s new recipe promises celestial results.
By Yotam Ottolenghi

A Mom-and-Son Source for Portuguese Pastries
Joey Bats Café Portuguese $129 Allen Street, Lower East Side212-951-1189
By Mahira Rivers

A Men’s Wear Designer’s Favorite Breakfast Dish
The San Francisco-based Evan Kinori relies on shakshuka, the tomato-and-egg casserole beloved in Israel, where his father was born.
By Nick Marino

Testing an $800 Pizza Oven — for Journalism!
Wirecutter recently tried out the luxury kitchen appliance, as well as several more practical options, for a roundup of reviews in service of aspiring home pizza chefs.
By Elisha Brown

Looking for a Plastic Bag Alternative?
These food-grade silicone bags from Stasher, available in four sizes, are designed for multiple use.
Stasher bags, $7.99 to $19.99,
By Florence Fabricant

Alison Roman's Creamy Cauliflower Pasta | NYT Cooking

12 Wines Under $12: How Low Can You Go and Still Find Values?
The quest for exciting bottles gets trickier as the price drops. But you can still find some gems with a $12 limit.
By Eric Asimov

MCU: A Warning About Spoilers

Apr. 24th, 2019 11:23 am
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Since I haven't seen the movie yet.

I will let you know when I do. Until then...?

Be warned. Tell me nothing of Avengers: Endgame until that time. Not here at Dreamwidth.
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Thank you, [personal profile] kaffyr, for pointing this manifesto out.

Star Trek: Discovery S2

Apr. 24th, 2019 07:43 am
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I managed to avoid being spoiled for the ending, which I'm glad about. 

The future is not yet written )

Wednesday DE

Apr. 24th, 2019 04:31 pm
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Spicy-hot food: - yes / no? If yes, how hot? And why so?

Brought to you by my roommate Alvie just having planted ten different kind of chillies, including Habanero and Bhut Jolokia...
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This post can be excluded with a paid account. Remove the tag "political links" from what you would like to see, and it will never darken your space again. (Unless I forget to apply the tag.)

Brexit and the Muller Report, mostly )

There will be more. There will always be more.

The times roll by - March-April 02019

Apr. 24th, 2019 07:19 am
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Good morning! Let's get started with pictures of a black hole. Using a telescope array and supercomputers to piece the data together, we have a picture of the black hole and the surrounding area.

(We also have the metaphorical black hole of the concentrated harrassment campaign against one of the visible faces of the project because she's a women and a bunch of men believe that women should never be in science at all.)

Secondly, a high school in New Jersey adapted the film Alien as a stage production and created everything they needed for it out of recycled materials. The few clips linked in the Mary Sue article show excellent production values, set design, costuming (have a look at the Xenomorph they created!), and acting. That's awesome.

The AO3 Hugo, Pillowfort's Future, and a lot more! )

Last for tonight, a gentle reminder - petrol is not an effective infield-drying agent, as much as people might want it to be, and as much as it sounds like it might be some sort of effective method to spread it and light it on fire to draw the moisture out.

Championship level tag - use parkour equipment in a confined space, and see if you can last 20 seconds without being tagged. It's harder than it sounds.

Also, turning candies and peeps into sushi-like creations. Mostly by taking the heads off Peeps, but there are other things to do with the decapitated marshmallow puffs.

(Okay, one last thing, no really - A Pole Sport Organization where a Deadpool takes to the art of the pole [Video, Youtube].

(no subject)

Apr. 24th, 2019 10:22 am
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Concept—a vampire (or other humanoid immortal) who’s already lived through multiple stockmarket crashes and can’t read financial news without yelling “AUGH YOU FOOLS DID NO ONE LEARN *ANYTHING* FROM THE SOUTH SEA COMPANY?!”

Every weekday...

Apr. 24th, 2019 10:16 am
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[personal profile] moon_custafer commute takes me past the head office of Enbridge Gas at 500 Consumers’ Road, and it’s really quite an attractive piece of late-‘60s architecture, but I can hardly find anything about it online (even the photo below came from an article that was about the neighbourhood in general).

You’d think fans of Brutalist concrete buildings would be all over something like this:

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