Date: 2011-07-04 06:35 pm (UTC)
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I really enjoyed it and will buy the sequel when it's out.

I liked the characters and I loved the world. The bugs as food and transport and medicine and communication and weapons, but also as things that fed on people were intriguing. There was a line about blood, bugs and currency being interchangeable that was striking.

The cultural differences and watching the characters through each others' eyes was very well done. Mainly Rhys and Nyx as contrasting viewpoints, but I enjoyed seeing the glimpses of Khos' viewpoint too. I do really like books that show the biases of more than one side.

It was also interesting to see Nyx and Rhys notice that both their cultures prayed in the same language and followed the same book, and wonder, somewhat, about what that meant. While considering each other infidels :p

(I do wonder what state the rest of the universe is in, too. From the little we hear, everything's been running down for a long time, and Umayma isolated itself for religious reasons long before the split between Nasheen and Chenja. The aliens have their own version of the Book and their own war. So is the entire inhabited section of the universe involved in one war or another, or are we looking at a repeatedly-splintered corner? We know there are aliens that are alien or advanced enough that their ships can't dock. Anyway. It's fascinating).
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